Selinde is driven by the difference that she can make in the world and she approaches people from this perspective. 

With a BSc in Interdisciplinary Social Science and a MSc in Global Health, Selinde is focused on the best for both people and the planet. This background enables her to experience working with different people from various (cultural) backgrounds while living in the Netherlands, the United States, Thailand and Curaçao.

Selinde has been an active member of several (student) boards and focused on motivating and mobilizing others towards a common goal. As a real team player, Selinde sincerely believes that great things are not achieved alone. Being an engaged part of her social community, she is purpose driven while taking responsibility and genuinely caring for her surroundings.

With her passion for research, Selinde joined the team of DeVelde International. Utilizing her interdisciplinary background as a researcher, she is dedicated to identifying and engaging candidates of the highest caliber fitting our clients’ needs. Selinde is approaching her role from a human perspective, aligned with DeVelde International’s values, by putting people at the heart of everything she does and every decision she makes.