Lara Herzberg - Researcher

Born and raised in Germany, Lara has a global mindset having studied and worked in South Africa, the UK and the Netherlands. She is truly open minded, flexible and fuelled by curiosity about people and cultures.

Lara recently graduated with a Masters of Science in Social, Health and Organisational Psychology from Utrecht University. Through her studies she became interested in work satisfaction and engagement, leadership development and employer branding and loves to see research being applied to practice.

Lara sincerely believes that people are the most important part of any organisation and that a cultural fit is crucial for both business success and employee growth. She likes to challenge the status quo and is interested in the future of work and how organisations can incorporate the needs of a diverse workforce.

As an executive search assistant/ researcher at DeVelde International, Lara is utilising her innate ability for reviewing complex and nuanced information she gained as a psychology student, to identify the best candidates that match against DeVelde International’s discerning client briefs.