DeVelde team

Jurjen Harmsma

Executive Search Assistant

Born in Friesland, Jurjen is the quintessential creative millennial. With a Bachelors in International Hospitality Management, he has always been service minded and driven by delivering the best customer experience possible. With an entrepreneurial eye, he has navigated in the highly competitive world of social influencers, to become one of the rising social influencers in the Dutch fashion and lifestyle scene.

He is curious by nature, and is interested in cultural diversity; he spent time in South Africa and this has fuelled his interest in travel and learning more about people from all walks of life.

In his role at DeVelde International, Jurjen combines all of his skills and interests. He is the Social Lead for the business, managing all social and digital activity, bringing his unique sense of creativity and his experience in driving impact through influencing. As an Executive Search Assistant, he brings his genuine interest in people and his customer-centric approach to support the company’s executive search offering.