DeVelde team

Arthur van de Velde


Arthur van de Velde is an experienced consultant, entrepreneur and Board Director. He established the boutique environmental consultancy TTE Consultants in 1999 and has been at its helm for the past 18 years. An advocate of digital and social, Arthur was an early adopter of using digital engagement in business.

In 2003, he launched www.Bodemnieuws.nl an online community in the Netherlands, bringing together various environmental stakeholders from both business and government. An avid footballer, he has a deep-seated belief in the power of teams. His commitment to sport and team building has led to greater involvement in the running of both his clubs, DVVA, and Amsterdam Football Park Drieburg; he is now the treasurer for both. Arthur also holds a Board position for De Vereniging BodemBreed Forum, a Netherlands based association for soil and subsoil professionals.
In his role as CFO, Arthur is responsible for finance and is the experienced advisor, ensuring the business innovates in line with ever changing client needs .