This Privacy Policy explains what we do with your personal data, whether we are in the process of helping you find your next career challenge, continuing our valued relationship as part of our network, providing you with a service, receiving a service from you, or using your data to ask for your assistance in relation to one of our candidates, clients or services provided.

It also outlines how we collect, use and process your personal data, and how, in doing so, we comply with our legal obligations to you. Your privacy has always been important to us, and we are committed to protecting and safeguarding your data privacy rights.

Why do we collect your personal information

As a specialist executive search / talent consultancy we act as consultants between professionals and leading organisations in ensuring the right talent/role fit. We act on behalf of our client or on behalf of our candidates. The data we collect enables us to offer the suite of services to you and all of our stakeholders, in the area of executive search, talent consultancy and coaching. Under GDPR we are legally bound to inform you of our privacy policy and give you the option to opt out of our database and any further correspondence. If you choose to opt out, we will be legally obliged to remove you from our database and can no longer consider you for the opportunities we represent or the services we provide.

What information do we collect?

CANDIDATE DATA: To provide the best possible career opportunities, explicitly tailored to you, we need to process certain information specifically about you. We only ask for details that will genuinely help us to help you, such as your name, age, contact details, education details, employment history, key achievements, financial information, social security number and any other details that you have chosen to share with us or we deem important.

CLIENT DATA: If you are a DeVelde International customer, we need to collect and use information about you, or individuals at your organisation, in the course of providing you with services we offer, such as: finding Candidates who are the right fit for you or your organisation; for talent consultancy or coaching.

SUPPLIER DATA: We need a small amount of information from our Suppliers to ensure that things run smoothly. We need contact details of relevant individuals at your organisation so that we can communicate with you. We also need other information such as your bank details so that we can pay for the services you provide (if this is part of the contractual arrangements between us).

THIRD PARTY INFORMATION: REFEREES AND EMERGENCY CONTACTS: To provide assurances to both clients and candidates in executive search processes, reference information will be sought from third parties provided by candidates and with upfront contact and data processing consent. For employees we need some basic background information for your emergency contact. We only ask for very basic contact details in both instances.  Depending on the type of personal data in question and the grounds on which we may be processing it, should you decline to provide us with such data, we may not be able to fulfil our contractual requirements or, in extreme cases, may not be able to continue with our relationship.

What will we do with your personal information?

CANDIDATE DATA: The core reason for using your personal data is to ensure that when we approach you, it is for those career opportunities that you are interested in and when continuing the conversation about your career, we are coming from an informed position, and not starting from scratch again. The more information we have about you, the better we are at servicing you. We would also like to keep you informed about our services and the charity campaigns we’re supporting, so infrequently we may also use your personal data for our marketing purpose. Where appropriate, we will seek your consent to undertake some of these activities.

CLIENT DATA: The sole reason for using information about Clients is to ensure that the contractual arrangements between us can properly be delivered to the best of our abilities for all the services we offer.

SUPPLIER DATA: The only reasons for using your personal data is to ensure that our business with you can run smoothly, and to comply with legal requirements.

THIRD PARTY INFORMATION: REFEREES AND EMERGENCY CONTACTS: We use referees’ personal data supplied to us by our Candidates to secure the role they have been selected for. If we are able to verify their details and qualifications, we can make sure that they are well matched with both their next role and employer. We may also use referees’ personal data to contact them in relation to executive search activities that may be of interest to them. We use the personal details of Staff member’s emergency contacts in the case of an accident or emergency affecting that member of Staff.

Who will we share your information with?

CANDIDATE DATA: In the main, your data is for internal purposes. We will only share your information with your consent to prospective employers in searches that you have consented to be part of. In some cases, we may use your top line data for specific market mapping.

CLIENT DATA: We will share your data primarily to ensure that we provide you with the services that you have contracted us for; such as with Candidates in executive search processes for roles within your organisation. Or in our delivery of talent consultancy and coaching that you have hired us for and those related stakeholders related to the successful delivery of the agreed project/plan.

SUPPLIER DATA: Unless you specify otherwise, we may have the need to share your information in specific business activities/processes required in the scope of running an enterprise.

THIRD PARTY INFORMATION: REFEREES AND EMERGENCY CONTACTS: Unless you specify otherwise, we may share your information if required. We envisage limited use and in specific cases.

How long do we hold it for?

We will hold your data for no longer than 2 years before seeking your confirmation again; ensuring that you are happy for us to continue holding your data.

Your Rights

You have the right to request from us access to your own personal information.  This is sometimes known as a ‘subject access request’.

Additionally, you have the right to request from us:

•          that any inaccurate information we hold about you is corrected

•          that information about you is deleted in certain situations

•          that we stop using your personal information for certain purposes

•          that your member profile is provided to you in a portable format

•          that decisions about you are not made by wholly automated means

Many of the rights listed above are limited to certain defined

circumstances and we may not always be able to comply with your request.  We will tell you if this is the case.

You also have the right to ask us not to process your personal data for direct marketing. We will inform you if we intend to use your information for this purpose or if we intend to disclose your information to any third party for this purpose. You can exercise your right to prevent us using your information in this way by contacting us at If you choose to make a request to us to exercise any of these rights, we will aim to respond to you as soon as we reasonably can but no later than one month.  We will not charge a fee for dealing with any reasonable request.

If you are unhappy with how we are using your personal information or if you wish to complain about how we have handled a request, then please contact and we will try to resolve your concerns.

You also have the right to complain to your local Data Protection Authority and a full list can be found here