Leadership Assessment

Professionals are hired for their ability to add value to an organization usually through assessment of specific hard skills and a perceived or assumed culture fit. They are usually fired for their behaviors or lack of soft skills.

To succeed in today’s business complexity, leaders need to possess a broader range of skills, be resilient, adaptable, open to innovative thinking and possess a high EQ.

Organizations must also adapt to a buoyant and often challenging talent market to attract, retain and leverage talent strategically. Organizations are moving away from traditional hiring practices – hiring for the job is no longer adequate. Hiring for future potential is key. This paradigm shift requires a rigorous and forward-thinking approach to assessment.

Basic competencies have become either overwhelming in number or incredibly generic. They may not be adding value as the sole method for recruiting or promoting leaders because what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. Given our VUCA business environment we need to take a broader view of the individual to be hired or promoted into your organisation.

We believe in looking at meta-competencies, such as learning agility and self-awareness, to ensure recruit-fit as well as culture-fit leaders who possess the agility and foresight to thrive in ambiguous times. Before putting time, energy, and money into developing an executive, a company can confirm if he or she is truly the right investment.

Our Leadership Assessment is a deeper dive into what drives the individual. We use a structured approach to look deeply at, and beyond, competencies, as well as psychometric assessments to measure emotional intelligence, personality, learning agility and behavioural preferences as a predictor of success.

Psychometric assessments are a powerful tool to complement human intuition in the hiring or promotion process. They help hiring managers understand the individual’s learning styles, behaviours and motivations at work.
Our assessments can help you identify potential in recruitment, succession planning and leadership development.

Not only you, as an organisation, will benefit. The individual talent benefits from gaining insights into strengths and development areas in order to better contribute to your organisation and grow as an individual.

Our approach will benefit you and your talent through:

1. Predicting job and culture-fit and future potential

2. Accurate insights into development potential for both hiring manager and talent

3. More equitable, fair and informed hiring decisions

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