DeVelde career developement

At DeVelde International, we build long-term relationships with our candidates; ensuring they continue to grow and develop in the long-term. Our career development practice offers a number of tools to support this:

We are proud to say we have our own coaches with whom we can pair you up with to support you in tackling workplace issues or in raising your overall performance level.

Julia Hart

Julia Hart
Julia spent over 25 years working in international environments – from the newsrooms of daily papers to senior executive roles within large corporations – before qualifying as a professional coach at Henley Business School in the UK and setting up her coaching practice. Her experience across a range of workplace environments has helped Julia develop a deep understanding of the complexity of today’s organizations and the particular challenges they pose for senior leaders. Julia combines straight talking with a focus on the practical to help clients understand how they can consistently perform at their best. Her approach encourages clients to identify what influences their thinking and how events, people and places impact their ability to deliver. Using an array of different theories, models and tools, Julia helps her clients gain new perspective and insights into the challenges they face.

The goal is to ensure clients deliver outstanding performance by developing the presence, authority and confidence required to navigate the most complex challenges and lead at the highest level.

Contact us if you are searching for a change agent for transformation or an expert for a safe pair of hands to cover a vital role.